thomas van der vennetDesigner & Front-end Dev

Born in the 80’s, raised through

the 90’s, I’m a real Digital Native.

When I started my career, i was mostly a graphic designer for a small company handling EU related Clients.

From Branding to Annual reports, I followed all the steps of production, from client brief to printing delivery. It was there that 
I started building websites, being the only in the office who had HTML/CSS skills.

I felt more excited by the web, so I decide to make a career move and be a Webdesigner & Front-End Dev.

During 6 years, I was what you could call a « Gun for hire » for several agencies and clients. This gave me the opportunity to work on cool projects mostly when collaborating with One Million Dollar (

Being a freelance taught me a lot and gave me opportunities to improve my skills: handling clients, defining deadlines, following projects and organise my day-to-day work to deliver the best work to satisfy my clients.

Since a couple of years now, I decide to stop being freelance and be part of a team. My position gave me the possibility to manage a portfolio of clients, dispatch the production task as well as doing my design and Dev job.

It also gave me the opportunity to supervise our trainees, which was a wonderful experience, sharing tips, tricks and advices to all those fresh out of school guys.

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Once a recruiter asked me which font I would be.
"Helvetica. It’s the best problem solver"
True story!

Like Steve Jobs said:
Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works.

I focus on delivering crisp and clean design. But more important, I seek to deliver designs that work and serve the product and the user.

Even if I have a strong attraction for minimal design, more complex projects are always exciting to experience. People often say about me that I’m a problem solver, and it’s true. I don’t see a fatality when an issue appears, keeping my mind focused on the job and finding ways to solve it.

My other motto would be that everything is defined by it’s details.
That’s why I love to experiment and add that little something that will make the difference
by adding a little animation or by creating a real atmosphere to a product or brand.

Everything that surrounds me is an inspiration. From music to movies, from city lights to photography, and even people, everything in our world can be a source to inspire for the next project.

I’m a calm person that always tries to keep a good mood in the team, even during hard and stressful times.


Freelance Designer & Front-end Dev

During 6 years, I was a « Gun for Hire » and it was a wonderful experience.

I’ve learned a lot from my collaborations with agencies, mostly when I worked with One Million Dollar (, TBWA, Social Labs and other studios .

From Client meetings to Project management, Wireframing and Design, this time of my career was a huge boost for my skills, giving me a good time management, communication with teams and clients.

For a full list of my freelance collaboration list, please visit my Linkedin Profile.


Everything is fun Front-end Dev

Turn Negative experience into something positive. That could sum my time at Everything is Fun.

I had the responsability to integrate the designs into HTML/CSS, experiment things in jQuery and learn a lot about PHP.

But joining a well settled duo isn’t always something that goes well, and i ended up being more of a tool, and feeling like I just was there pushing a button than being a team member that could help to solve problems.


SerialKreative Senior Designer & Front-end Dev

I’ve integrated the team and took charge of the art direction of most of the projects.

Besides my main activities as a designer and front-end Dev, I also had a Project Management role being a direct contact for the clients, organizing meetings and pitches, planning milestones and dispatching the different tasks to the different actors of the site Development.

Finally, I also was supervising our wonderful trainees, which was a great experience to share knowledge and experience with them and give them some tips and hints for their future.

These are the skills I practice everyday.
But like Michelangelo once said, I’m still learning.
Every project, every meeting, every single person that you encounter
can teach you something. And I’ll always be ready to learn something more.

Tools I use

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Sketch
  • Principle

Code I use

  • HTML
  • CSS (with animation skills)
  • jQuery
  • Wordpress
  • Bootstrap/Foundation

Language I speak

  • French (Mothertongue)
  • Dutch (Fluent - Fathertongue)
  • English (Fluent)

Other Skills

  • UI/UX
  • Prototyping
  • Project Management
  • Photography
  • Video

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